Welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is on improving your handwriting!  I love writing and I of course always want to improve my handwriting!  You can check out the video version of this blog post here.


  • Analyze your handwriting

Before you begin improving, and working on your handwriting, you should analyze your handwriting.  You can analyze your handwriting, by writing the alphabet ( in uppercase and lowercase ), and circling letters that are not written the way you like them, and find a different way to write the letters.

  • Have a favourite pen

My number 1 tip, when improving your handwriting, is to have a favourite pen, that you can rely/ depend on.  You also of course need a pen that can also write smoothly, choose wisely!!

  • Write consistently and practice

Another tip that can really help with improving your handwriting, is of course practicing and writing consistently.  Practice makes progress!!


  • Find inspiration

My last tip is to find inspiration! I definitely suggest to search for ideas on pinterest, and check out accounts on Instagram.

These are all the tips that I have for you, remember to check out the video on improving your handwriting, and like, share and subscribe to this blog!

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