Welcome to my blog, for today’s post I’m going to be showing you how to decorate your side table!  You can check out my video on decorating your side table here! Remember to check it out after you’ve finished reading this post!

How to Decorate Your Side Table - This post gives you a few tips on how to decorate your side table.   www.julianaegeorges.com
How to Decorate Your Side Table
  • Use Light

My number one suggestion when decorating your side table, is of course using any light source.  Though it might not seem like a lot , there are many types of sources you can use as light.  For example; neon lights, lamps, light-bulbs on a bracket etc.

  • Use Polaroids

If you have a polaroid camera, or a polaroid printer, I highly suggest, you use them to spice up or decorate your side table!  I absolutely love polaroids, you can find my Polaroid Pegboard DIY here.

  • Use Pictures or Quotes

I also love using pictures and quotes to decorate my side table, they of course are nice decor , but they also add as motivation to wake up to everyday.

  • Use a Small Item

To balance out any  large items, I of course suggest, that you use a smaller item, such as, perfume, cute bottle, candles etc.

So that was it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed this post, again remember to check out the video version of this post!



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