Most of the time, when you see those pictures on Instagram , with those cute backgrounds, its usually a tile sample, or even a poster board.  So for todays post, I am going to give you a few ideas for your photography backgrounds.

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  • Marble Tile

I don’t use this very often, but I have a marble tile, which I use as a background, mostly for product photography.

  • White Poster Board/ Art paper

I use white poster board/ art paper, for most of my flat lays.  White poster board and art paper, are the best background for bright colors.

  • Faux Fur Rug

Sometimes I may use a white faux fur rug, to add a bit of texture to my pictures.  A white faux fur rug,can, can  also give a more minimalist feel to a picture.

  • Fabric

Another choice, or a replacement for art paper/ poster board, is fabric.  Depending on the look you want, iron your fabric before using it, so that you can have a cleaner and sharper look.

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