Do you ever get that awful feeling when you have nothing to do , and you feel incredibly unproductive? Its called boredom! These are a few of my favorite things to do when I am bored.

8 THings to do when you're really bored

  • Watch Netflix

If you’re bored, why not binge watch your favorite show on Netflix! A few of my favorite tv shows are The 100, The Flash, and Riverdale.

  • Draw a Mandala or write a Motivational Quote in Calligraphy

This is probably my favorite thing to do when I’m bored, I love drawing and calligraphy! Mandalas are so much fun to draw, and writing quotes, might even motivate you to do something productive for your day.

  • Clean/Declutter your room

When you’re bored, do something productive!  When I have spare time, or I am really bored, I like to clean my room, or a certain area of my room, such as my closet.

  • Make something delicious

With all of this boredom, you might be getting  hungry! Make an extravagant dinner, or a simple dessert or snack.  Find a simple recipe on Pinterest, and enjoy your sweet or salty goodness.

  • Read a Motivational Book

I you don’t have any books, you can always read a book on a website or app.

  • Re-Decorate your room

Re-decorate your book by the season, now that its spring, its a perfect time to re-decorate your room, with pretty pastel colors.

  • Create a DIY/ Craft 

This is another one of my favorites, I love crafting and making DIY’s.  I usually browse Pinterest and the internet, for ideas for any crafts.

  • Do your Nails

If you are really, really, incredibly bored, do your nails.  You can even learn different types of  nail art, and nail designs , to test out on your nails.

These are the 8 things you can do when your bored, I hope you enjoyed this post.  Remember to always stay productive, even when you are bored!

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