A big trend nowadays, is having an aesthetic Instagram feed, that flows, and has one color scheme. I have seen insta themes from, pink to black and white, to blue and even purple.  My feed is quite desaturated, it is pink and green, with a little bit of white.  Without any  further ado, these are 3 tips you can use to master the perfect Instagram theme!

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  • Have a Niche

If you want to master your Instagram feed, you should probably have a niche.  A niche is important, for a more cohesive feed.  A few of my favorite niches on Instagram are; fashion, lifestyle, food, and travel, my niche is lifestyle.  Lifestyle is a mix between everything, I like having a lifestyle feed because I don’t need to have  one certain category of pictures.

  • Use Natural Light

Natural lighting is the best lighting you can possibly use, always choose natural light, over artificial light in any of your pictures.  In all of my Instagram pictures, I only use natural light. Natural light of course, is free and also gives a softer look in your picture.

  • Always Edit

Always edit your pictures if you want an Instagram feed that flows.  Use the same filter for all of your Instagram pictures, so that your pictures can match each other.  A few of my favorite editing apps are VSCO, Aviary and Snapseed.

  • Get Inspiration

Be inspired! Search for pictures that you enjoy looking at, and use it to inspire your Instagram niche and feed! I love using Pinterest, its the perfect source to get inspiration for flat-lays and food pictures.

So those are my top 4 tips on  mastering the perfect Instagram feed.  I hope I helped you out,  remember to create a niche, use natural light, edit, and always try to get inspiration/ be inspired! While we are on the topic of Instagram, check out my account @jgeorges1.

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