Welcome back to my blog, today’s post as promised is on the top 5 planner essentials that I use.  I absolutely love my planner, and if you’re a planner addict ( like me) then you should enjoy this post.  One of my favorite parts about planning is decorating, and it of course also make me feel very organized.

My Favorite things to use op 5 Planner Essentials - These are my favorite things to use in my planner. www.julianaegeorges.com
My Top 5 Planner EssentialsStickers










  • Stickers

My favourite part about planning is using STICKERS!!  I’m honestly trying to create a collection of sticker books, because I love them that much :).  I personally purchase stickers from MAMBI ( Me and My Big Ideas), they are very high quality, and are so much fun to use. You can also check out my Etsy shop, which will be selling stickers will be coming soon) check out my announcement on starting an Etsy shop here.

  • Bookmarks

I love using a bookmark, to keep track of where I currently am, in my planner.  I made a bookmark simply by trimming a piece of scrapbook paper,  to fit my planner, I then  punched holes into the paper, and placed it into my planner.

  • Good Pens

A good pen is one of my top necessities for my planner. I only write in black pen in my planner, since I am not a big fan of bright colored pens in my planner

  • Washi tape

I absolutely love washi tape, I am also creating a collection of washi tape, because I love using washi tape in DIY’s, to bring a little bit of colour into my planner, and even for labeling items.

These are all of my planner essentials/ my top 4 planner essentials, which I love to help me decorate and organize my planner.  I hope you liked this post, and related to it, if you love planning.

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