Welcome back to my  blog!  Today’s post is going to be on a few tips on taking amazing photos.  These tips aren’t going to make you the world’s best photographer 🙂 , but these are definitely some  helpful tips, that can help improve your photography.

tips for taking amazing photos

  • Use a DSLR

If you really want to step up your photography, I recommend using  a better quality camera.  While we’re on the topic of cameras, another product I recommend is a lens,  I personally use a 50 mm lens.

  • Edit your pictures

Another one of my top tips for taking amazing photos, is to edit your pictures, and give your pictures a signature style.  Use the same filters on your photography, and depending on what you like, make your pictures darker or brighter.

  • Lighting

In editing, you can always change the lighting, but naturally you should already have good/ appropriate lighting in your pictures.  For good lighting you can use artificial lighting ( box lights, ring lights etc.) , or even natural light (sunlight).

  • Backgrounds

If you like doing flat-lays, product, and food photography, then you might need scrapbook paper, white, black etc. foam board, and even more backgrounds/ surfaces.

So those are my tips on taking amazing photos, I hope my tips were helpful.  In the comments request, blog posts that you would like to see me do!

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