So, I have a coffee table in my living room and I basically use the same items throughout the year, but I may switch up the decor for a certain season.  These are a few decor ideas you can use to add some pizazz to your coffee table.

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  • Books

I love using books on my coffee table, or shelves!  Books can always give off a more welcoming feel to any area in your home.   A few book choices you can use are of course coffee table books, interior design books, cleaning books, story books, and books that are big and bulky.

  • Candles

Not only do they smell good, they can also be used to add a pop of color to your living room’s coffee table.  I usually use a candle depending on the season, but when I use a regular everyday scent, its usually a simple and sweet scent.

  • Trays

I always keep one tray on my coffee table, the living room has a coastal theme, so I use a tray, that I believe matches the theme of the room.  I use a wooden  tray, with a glass cover, underneath the glass cover, are shells, starfish, and more things you can find by the ocean/sea.

  • Flowers and Plants

Flowers, and plants are a good way to bring nature, and add some life  into your home.  Some nice greenery you can use in your home are, cacti, succulents,  and ferns.

So these are the different items that I use throughout the year, to decorate/style my coffee table.  Its so much fun to decorate, and it can actually make a big difference in your living room’s theme and appearance.  I hope you have fun decorating, I will see you soon with a new post!

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