This is the first DIY on my new blog! I am going to show you how to make a DIY Polaroid Pegboard.  This DIY, is basically a white painted pegboard, with contact paper and  polaroid pictures placed on the board.

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The materials used in this DIY are:

  • Copper/ Rose Gold Contact Paper, on good quality
  • Stickers
  • Twine/ String
  • Polaroid Printer/ Polaroid Pictures ( if you already have a polaroid camera, you do not necessarily need to use a Polaroid printer)

Step #1

This DIY, is actually really fun to make, and a lot easier than it looks.  The first step in making your DIY Polaroid Pegboard, is to cut your contact paper into evenly sized strips.  Usually, contact paper has measurements on the back,  so that it doesn’t need to be measured.  I used a rose gold/ copper contact paper, because it matched the theme of my room the best.  The color is optional, ( you can use gold, silver, black etc.) but I think that the copper color might look the best.

Step #2

This is optional, but I decided to paint my pegboard, in white oil paint.  Anyways, if you painted your pegboard, allow it to dry, and place your contact paper on the sides of the board.

Step #3

Once you’ve placed the contact paper on your pegboard, use a polaroid printer, to print any pictures that you like from your Instagram feed, Pinterest etc.  If you don’t have a polaroid printer, you can always use a polaroid camera, to take pictures of things that you like.  Of course, if you don’t have a polaroid camera, you can just use regular pictures, on good quality paper.

Step #4

This is the last step in making your DIY Polaroid Pegboard!  Pull some twine through the holes of the pegboard, and tie the ends of the twine, so that it can be hung on the wall.  Just to add a little design to this DIY, I added some stickers to the top of  the board that said “MEMORY 2017” ( optional).

So you’ve gotten to the end of the post, I hope you enjoyed this DIY.  Make sure to try this DIY out, its so much fun, and is such an easy way to display your pictures.




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