I love Instagram and blogging, I usually edit my pictures for my blog on my iPad.  When I edit I usually use my editing apps, for desaturating, and brightening   These are my top three favorite photography editing apps.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


I have been using VSCO Cam for about 1 year and a half, and still enjoy using it now.  VSCO Cam has some of the best filters, and is incredibly easy to use.  I use most of the brown/ warm toned, and desaturated VSCO CAM filters.

  • Lightroom

I use Lightroom for all of my pictures, mostly to add contrast to my pictures, or to  make my pictures appear brighter.

  • Facetune

I use Facetune for pictures with white backgrounds, or white objects, such as paper, books or stationery.  I use the teeth whitening tool, to make the object or background whiter and brighter.

So those are my top three, and three of the best photo editing apps I have ever used.  Just a little recap, VSCO CAM for the filters, Lightroom for contrast, and brightening, and Facetune for whitening backgrounds and objects.  I hope you like this post, make sure to leave a comment with some blog requests.


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