You always need to have a productive, and organized area for you to do your work.    It is important to have your workspace organized, and everything on your desk clean and simple.


  • No Trash Zone

Do not ever use your desk to place your trash or garbage.  Eventually the trash, will build up on the desk, and will maybe never be removed from your desk.  Make sure, to always keep your desk clean, and prevent it from being a trash zone.

  • Less Things, More Space

So this next tip is of course, less things = more space, the less things you place on your desk, the more space you have, for a clean and decluttered feel, on your desk.  I like to keep a few books, pens, my laptop, and a candle on my desk, nothing else,

  • Organize Everything on your Desk

Organize, organize, organize everything on your desk, make sure to have everything in the same place, every time you use it.  An organized desk , means that more work gets done, and there is less distracting clutter on your desk.

  • ONLY Keep Important/Frequently Used Products on Your Desk

My last tip is to ONLY keep your frequently used products on your desk, this means to only keep things that use everyday, not something, that you would use once or twice for the month or year.  Only keep necessary items, such as pens, and a few notebooks.

SO you have reached to the end of the post, I hope this encouraged you to clean , and organize your desk.  Share and like if you enjoyed this post, and check out some of my previous posts.

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