Keeping your home in style, can be difficult and when decorating your home, it may also be difficult to discover your own style.  In this post I will be sharing with you some of my favorite ways to decorate/ spruce up my home.

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  • Plants

Of course this is probably my favorite, and number one tip for decorating your home. Add some greenery, and flowers in your home to achieve more of a nature feel in your home.  The greenery and flowers in your home, can give off a more natural look, and can also bring imore life into your home.

  • Trays

Another way I love to decorate my bedroom , is with trays.  I purchased a  tray, and placed a rose gold contact paper on the bottom of the tray.  I currently place my tray on my bed, for just a slight pop of rose gold/copper.  Though a tray is a small product, it can add a lot to a room, and can also act as storage, for things that I reach for or use daily or frequently.

  • Candles

I love using pretty and the best scented Bath and Body Works Candles.  I usually use candles to decorate my trays, and I also love to use candles to decorate and bring a homey feeling to my side tables.  I love placing season appropriate candles, on my coffee table, and dining tables during the Christmas season.

So those are my top 3 favourite ways for sprucing up your home, I hope this  helped you with styling and decorating your home, and encouraged you to decorate your home.


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